NCUIH Youth Council Member Faith Bowman – Reminder of the Indigi-Wellness Champion Campaign

Koolamaski/ Hello my name is Faith Bowman. I am from the Stockbridge-Munsee Band of Mohican Nation in Wisconsin and I am a member of the Inaugural Youth Council for the National Council of Urban Indian Health.

I just want to thank all who participated in the first NCUIH Youth Convening! We really appreciate your support and willingness to learn about the NCUIH Youth Council and our Indigi-Wellness Champion Campaign.

Speaking of the Indigi-Wellness Champion Campaign, we want to remind you save the date for our campaign launch on September 10th.

The Indigi-Wellness Champion Campaign is aimed at promoting overall health of Native Youth across Indian country by challenging YOU to challenge yourself and peers to embody an Indigi-Wellness Champion.

If this is you or someone you know, get involved by posting on social media showing how you stay resilient in your community and how you embody an Indigenous Wellness Champion. Be sure to Include the following hashtags (#ThisIsNative #CultureIsPrevention #NCUIH #NCUIHYC18) and our two-braid logos and you are one step closer to winning some awesome prizes and bundles.

How do you get involved? It’s very easy.

  • Create a Social Media post showing you using your culture/hobbies or pics of Friends and Family that promotes wellness and resiliency. Putting your settings as Public will allow NCUIH to view your submission.
  • Answer (2) simple questions:
    • “What does it mean to be an Indigi-Wellness Champion?”
    • “How do you stay resilient in your community?”
  • Challenge other Native Youth to join in the movement and share what makes them resilient.
  • Use the YC two-braid image on social media posts
  • Submit you your Social Media Post link here at NCUIH’s National Headquarters on or before 11:59 PM September 20, 2019 and submit.

So I ask you how do you stay resilient in your community?

If you are looking be a part of this national network and learn how to become an Indigi-Wellness Champion National Social Contest and Campaign that launches on September 10th. To learn more about how you can build a support system or how to be more supportive, follow our campaign from September 10-20, 2019 and press on the link below

We hope to see you on September 10th for our Campaign Launch!

Anushiik (Thank you)!

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