Customer Service Executive Order to Streamline Tribal Grant Application Process

On December 13, 2021, President Biden signed a new Executive Order (EO 14058) directing Government leaders to consider the public experience when seeking government services. This order, Transforming Federal Customer Experience and Service Deliver to Rebuild Trust in Government, includes 36 customer experience improvement commitments across 17 agencies which aim to improve service delivery and the lives of individuals.

Through this EO, agencies, especially those identified as High-Impact Service Providers, commit to centering their customers in all that they do; modernizing programs, reducing administrative burden and piloting new online tools and technologies. These customer service updates will impact the majority of Americans, especially those who are taxpayers, retirees, veterans, and many more. Included within the fact sheet is an update as to what this EO means for Tribal communities:

“Tribal communities will be able to expect more streamlined and integrated grants application processes, rather than having to provide information over and over again to the Federal Government and navigate across multiple agency websites.”

For the full text of the EO, visit the NCUIH regulation tracker at Updated every other week, the regulation tracker collects all federal agency and Administration publications to the Federal Registrar. This tracker is an easily searchable resources for you to use on your own, or you can download a PDF copy to your own server.

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