OUIHP Publishes 2019 Uniform Data System Summary Report

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Office of Urban Indian Health Programs (OUIHP) has published the National Uniform Data System (UDS) summary report for Calendar Year 2019 to its website. These yearly UDS reports provide information on the demographic profile of all 41 urban Indian organization (UIO) clients broken down by facility type (Full Ambulatory, Limited Ambulatory, Outreach and Referral, and Residential Treatment Center). Information reported includes the aggregated total number of patients, age, gender, zip code of residence, insurance sources, race/ethnicity of patients, number of visits by provider type, by key diagnoses and services, characteristics of special populations, quality of care indicators, health outcome, and disparities.

A brief description of relevant service population characteristics is in Table 1 of the report:

Read the Report

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