IHS Releases New Quarterly Report Highlighting Progress on Urban Indian Health Priorities: 100% FMAP, Collaboration with Other Federal Agencies

On May 21, 2024, the Indian Health Service’s (IHS) Office of Urban Indian Health Programs (OUIHP) released their 4th Quarterly Report outlining progress on the agency’s 2023 Work Plan to implement the goals from the 2023-2027 OUIHP Strategic Plan for urban Indian organizations (UIOs).

The quarterly report highlights the OUIHP accomplishments as of December 31, 2023, on the five pillars outlined in the Strategic Plan: provide effective, timely and transparent communication; improve OUIHP’s operational oversight and management; leverage partnerships to expand UIO resources; improve data quality; and expand the infrastructure and capacity of UIOs. The accomplishments include providing technical assistance to other federal agencies to engage UIO leaders in an IHS UIO Listening Session, collaborations with the Veterans Health Administration and the White House Council on Native American Affairs Health Committee, and providing technical assistance on 100% Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (100% FMAP) and the assignment of United States Public Health Service Commissioned Officers to UIOs.

View the full list of accomplishments in the quarterly report here.


In June 2023, IHS released their 2023-2027 OUIHP Strategic Plan which describes how OUIHP will achieve its mission and vision through five strategic pillars to support urban Indian organizations:

  • Provide effective, timely, and transparent communication;
  • Improve OUIHP’s operational oversight and management;
  • Leverage partnerships to expand UIO resources;
  • Improve data quality; and
  • Expand the infrastructure and capacity of UIOs.

IHS also released its corresponding work plan that outlines critical actions and activities to implement these strategic goals, and includes communications on progress, barriers encountered, and accomplishments. The OUIHP tracks progress for each activity and evaluates progress over time. According to the work plan, progress will be shared with UIOs, partners, and stakeholders quarterly.

NCUIH’s Role

NCUIH played a critical role in the drafting of the 2023-2027 OUIHP Strategic Plan and Implementation Plan. NCUIH has submitted a total of four comments to OUIHP with recommendations to strengthen the plans, specifically requesting that the agency develop quarterly reports to provide information on OUIHP’s progress towards achieving the goals and objectives described in the Strategic Plan, and making those reports publicly available.