Call to Action: Contact Congress Today to Retain Funds for Indian Country in Build Back Better

Dear Indian Health Advocate,

Yesterday, we sent out a policy alert about threats to remove funding for Indian Country from Build Back Better.

We need your help to contact Congress to uphold its commitment to provide Indian Country with at least $20.5 billion for critical resources.

Please use this toolkit to spread the word.

Please use the following text below as a template to call or email to your Member of Congress. If you can please, call and email your representative. You can find your representative here.

Thank you for your leadership. Your outreach on this is invaluable to providing resources for all American Indians and Alaska Natives.


Letter to Congress

Dear [Representative NAME or Senators NAMES]:

As an Indian health advocate, I ask you to please contact Speaker Pelosi and Leader Schumer to support Indian Country in Build Back Better.

As cuts are being made, it is imperative that the federal government prioritize Indian Country in the upcoming Budget Reconciliation package. We respectfully request you preserve the House Natural Resources Committee’s inclusion of $20.5 billion for Indian Country with $42 million for urban Indian organizations. On September 9, the House Natural Resources Committee approved its piece of the budget reconciliation package. This included $42 million for urban Indian organizations to construct and update their facilities to improve health outcomes for the patients who rely on these services that UIOs have never had access to. This funding would help provide critical upgrades that other facilities have already made during the pandemic, such as an air purification system. These funds are critical to upholding the trust and treaty responsibilities of the federal government to all American Indians and Alaska Natives.

As part of this trust obligation, the federal government funds Indian Health Service (IHS) system, which includes IHS facilities, Tribal Programs, and UIOs who provide high-quality and culturally competent care to the American Indian/Alaska Native population. The budget resolution allocated just $20.5 billion (0.59%) to the Indian Affairs Committee to enact policies for Native health, education, housing, energy, climate, and language programs as well as facilities. This funding alone does not adequately address the needs of Indian Country and should be protected from further budget cuts, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has devastated American Indian/Alaska Native communities.

As Indian Country is already underfunded, we should not be at risk of cuts in the Build Back Better plan. We urge Congress to take this obligation seriously by retaining the $20.5 billion for Indian Country with $42 million for urban Indian organizations.


[Your Name]



Post your support on your Facebook.

  • Example post:
  • I just called Congress to support Indian Country in Build Back Better. Find out how you can too here: [insert link here]
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From your Twitter account, tweet to your Member of Congress.

  • Find your Member of Congress here.
  • Example tweet:
  • Dear [@ Member’s handle], please #SupportIndianCountry in Build Back Better by keeping the $20.5 billion in the final bill.
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