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Psychological and Social Support Associations with Mortality and Cardiovascular Disease in Middle-Aged American Indians: the Strong Heart Study

Authors: Astrid Suchy-Dicey, Harry Eyituoyo, Marcia O’Leary, Shelley A. Cole, Aminata Traore, Steve Verney, Barbara Howard, Spero Manson, Dedra Buchwald & Paul Whitney

Publication Year: 2022

Last Updated: 2022

Journal: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology

Keywords: Aging; Minority Groups


Short Abstract: Researchers at the University of Washington in conjunction with The Strong Heart Family Study, examine the effect that social support and community have on cardiovascular and mortality disparities in older/middle-aged American Indians. Topics studied include; stress, anger, cynicism, trauma, depression, quality of life, and social support.



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