Racial Misclassification

Racial misclassification is the incorrect identification of an individual’s race, and happens very often with American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) populations. Racial classification that reflects an individual’s identity is essential in order for public health experts to create a true representation of disease and death within a population and respond appropriately.

Often funeral directors misclassify race on death records, leading to flawed mortality statistics that undercount AI/AN deaths. Fortunately, racial misclassification can improve.

The following one-pagers provide basic information and practices that individual funeral directors, funeral director associations, and governments and other policy stakeholders  can take to improve racial classification of AI/AN people after death.

Preventing Racial Misclassification: What can Funeral Directors do?

Preventing Racial Misclassification: What can Business Associations do?

Preventing Racial Misclassification: What can Governments and Policy Stakeholders do?

Preventing Racial Misclassification: Do’s and Don’ts for Funeral Directors

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