US Trans Survey 2015, Report on the Experiences of American Indian and Alaska Native Respondents.

Authors: The National Center for Transgender Equality

Publication Year: 2016

Keywords: Awareness; Health Care Access; Health Disparities; Injury and Trauma; Mental and Behavioral Health; Minority Groups; Population Information; Presentations; Socio-Economic Disparities; Sexual Abuse; Suicide and Suicide Prevention; Violence; Social Determinants of Health; Gender Identity; LGBTQ/2S


Short Abstract: The 2015 US Trans Survey is a survey of trans and non-binary people across the country. This includes a separate report specifically on the American Indian and Alaskan Native respondents.


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Type of Resource: Other

The Office of Tribal Affairs and Strategic Alliances: Biweekly Updates

Authors: The Office of Tribal Affairs and Strategic Alliances

Publication Year: 2022

Last Updated: June 3, 2022

Journal: The Offices of Tribal Affairs and Strategic Alliances

Keywords: Awareness


Short Abstract: Below you will find funding opportunities, resources, conferences, and other tribal news.




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Missing or Murdered Indigenous Women: New Efforts Are Underway but Opportunities Exist to Improve the Federal Response

Authors: Government Accountability Office
Publication Year: 2021
Last Updated: Oct 28, 2021
Journal: Government Accountability Office
Keywords: Awareness; Data Collection; Development; Minority Groups; Race; Violence; Women's Health

Short Abstract: Research has proven that AI/AN women in the U.S. experience higher rates of violence than most other women. Due to this, tribal and federal officials have stated that this incidence of violence constitutes a crisis. Due to lack of an adequate response/data, GAO was asked to review the federal response to the missing or murdered AI/AN women crisis. This report examines the not only the numbers of missing and murdered AI/AN women, but also the DOD and DOJ's response thus far.


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