The Network for Community-Engaged Primary Care Research’s Resources for COVID-19 Education

Reliable information is our strongest weapon against vaccine misinformation and the ongoing battle against COVID-19. NCUIH is partnering with the Network for Community-Engaged Primary Care Research, a collaborative effort between the Morehouse School of Medicine and OCHIN. It is at the forefront of disseminating essential educational materials to health care SafetyNet providers and communities nationwide. These resources aim to combat misinformation, empower patients, clinicians, and staff, and foster a deeper understanding of COVID-19 and its long-term effects.

  1. “Best Practices for Engagement and Dealing with COVID-19 Misinformation.” This comprehensive guide offers best practices for engagement and navigating the complex landscape of COVID-19 misinformation. Tailored for clinicians, quality improvement staff, caregivers, and health partners, it is a crucial resource for those on the front lines.
  2. COVID-19 Vaccines: “Types and How They Work – Q&A for Children and Teens:” This resource provides valuable information for patients To address vaccine hesitancy and concerns. It offers clear insights into COVID-19 vaccines and addresses common concerns about children and teens.
  3. “Why Do Researchers Do Different Kinds of Clinical Studies?” Understanding the research process is key to fostering trust. This infographic breaks down the different types of clinical studies, providing transparency and demystifying the vital work researchers undertake.
  4. Brochures
    • Vaccine Misinformation: This brochure elucidates the ingredients in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, offering a transparent look at the vaccine-making process to combat vaccine misinformation.
    • COVID-19 Effects: Geared towards patients, this brochure details the impact of COVID-19 on vital organs, including the lungs, blood, and heart. It serves as a crucial educational tool to enhance public awareness about the severity of the virus.
    • Long COVID: Long COVID is addressed in this dedicated trifold brochure, providing patients with information about the condition and ongoing research efforts. This resource contributes to a better understanding of the potential long-term consequences of the virus.

In the fight against COVID-19, knowledge is power. Download and share these materials to empower your patients with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their health.