Leadership Qualities in Successful Systems of Care (System Implementation Issue Brief #3)

Authors: Ferreira, K., Hodges, S, Israel, N., Mazza, J.
Publication Year: 2007
Last Updated: 2010-07-27 16:12:41
Journal: NA
Keywords: systems of care, definition, systems change, implementation, systems, case study, study 2, qualitative, cultural competence, factors, values, mental health, services

Short Abstract:

This issue brief presents system of care leadership as defined by stakeholders in four established systems. When asked to identify factors critical to system of care implementation, leadership was included by all systems that have participated in Case Studies of System Implementation. This overview was prepared by Research and Training Center for Children's Mental Health investigators Kathleen Ferreira, Sharon Hodges, Nathaniel Israel, & Jessica Mazza.


This issue brief describes system of care leadership as described by SOC stakeholders within Phase I and II sites for the study, Case Studies of System Implementation. It describes the challenge of leadership within a complex system, lessons learned from established systems of care, and strategies for successful leadership within system of care communities based on research findings to date.

System Implementation Issue Briefs

There is still much to learn about what factors are critical in bringing about system change. This series of issues briefs, based on findings from Case Studies of System Implementation, will provide readers with a summary of lessons learned from established system of care communities. The briefs will offer concrete examples of how these communities have successfully developed their systems of care. The series begins with lessons learned during Phases I and II of the study and includes a description of methods of data collection and analysis.

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