Letter to Tribal Leaders from the United States Senator Byron Dorgan, February 15, 2008 expressing commitment to Indian Health Care Improvement Act and the unanimous consent to complete the five amendments

Authors: Dorgan, B
Publication Year: 2008
Last Updated: 2016-04-18 14:46:34
Journal: United States Congressional Library
Keywords: Byrom Dorgan, SCIA, IHCIA, Senate Committee of Indian Affairs, Indian Health Care Improvement Act, affordable care act, aca, health care reform, HCR, SCIA, senate committee on indian affairs

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Letter from Byron Dorgan to tribal leaders stating his and the SCIA steadfast support and dedication to IHCIA being passed.


Letter from Byron Dorgan to Tribal Leaders stating his own, as well as the Senate Committee of Indian Affairs support and dedication to the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

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