(Draft) National Steering Committee, Reauthorization of Indian Health Care Improvement Act Sept-1999

Authors: National Steering Committee (437)
Publication Year: 1999
Last Updated: 2015-11-24 15:27:40
Journal: National Steering Committee
Keywords: National Steering Committee, NSC, Markup, Title V, Title 5, Draft, Health Services for Urban Indians, markup, draft, review, amendments

Short Abstract:

National Steering Committee document (for Review and Comment) on Title V Health Services of the Reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvment Actm P.L. 94-437 (9/21/99)

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(Marked up)


Title V authorizes the Secretary of HHS to provide funding to urban Indian organizations for the

delivery of outpatient services to urban Indians, who are not able to access health services through facilities

operated by the LH.S. or the tribes. In FY 1999, Congress appropriated $26.4 million to implement Title V.

These funds support the operation of programs serving about 149,000 urb"an Indians in 34 cities throughout

the country. The services offered by these programs range from outreach and referral to comprehensive

ambulatory health care. Under current law, the Title V authorization for appropriations expires in FY 2000.

The amendments set forth below, which reflect the recommendations ofthe National Steering

committee, would extend the Title V authorization through FY 2012 and revise the Title to more effectively

address the needs of urban Indians. The proposed amendments would also:

• streamline the current law provisions relating to the standards and procedures for contracting and

making grants to urban Indian organizations,·

• require the agencies in the Department of HHS to consult with urban Indians prior to taking actions that

would affect them;

• expand the Secretary's authority to fund, through grants, loans, or loan guarantees, the construction or

ren_ovation of facilities for urban Indian programs,·

• enable urban Indian programs to obtain malpractice coverage under the Federal Tort Claims Act; and

• authorize a· demonstration program of residential treatment centers for urban Indian youth with alcohol or

substance abuse problems.

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