A Nationwide Population-Based Study Identifying Health Disparities Between American Indians/Alaska Natives and the General Populations Living in Select Urban Counties.

Authors: Castor ML, Smyser MS, Maile M. Tauali, MPH, Alice N. Park, MPH, Shelley A. Lawson, MPA, Ralph Forquera, M.P.H.
Publication Year: 2006
Last Updated: 2015-12-28 12:50:59
Journal: American Journal of Public Health
Keywords: Birth Outcomes, Pregnancy, Native Americans, Socioeconomic Factors, Mortality, Urban Health, Urban Indian Health Organizations, Research and Practice,

Short Abstract:

Our primary goal was to assess the health status of the urban AIAN population served by UIHOs. As mentioned, this information is critical if these organizations are to demonstrate the effectiveness and impact of their services.


Objectives: Despite their increasing numbers, little is known about the health of American Indians/Alaska Natives living in urban areas.  We examined the health status of American Indian/Alaska Native populations served by 34 federally funded urban Indian health organizations. 

Methods: We analyzed US census data and vital statistics data for the period 1990 to 2000. 

Results: Disparities were revealed in socioeconomic, maternal and child health, and mortality indicators between American Indians/Alaska Natives and the general populations in urban Indian health organization service areas and nation wide.  American Indian/Alaska Natives were approximately twice as likely as these general populations to be poor, to be unemployed, and not to have a college degree.  Similiar differences were observed in births among mothers who received late or no prenatal care or consumed alcohol and in mortality attributed to sudden infant death syndrome, chronic liver disease, and alcohol consumption. 

Conclusions: We found health disparities between American Indians/Alaska Natives and the general populations living in selected urban areas and nationwide.  Such disparities can be addressed through improvements in health care access, high quality data collection, and policy initiatives designed to provide sufficient resources and a more unified vision of the health or urban American Indians/Alaska Natives.  

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