111th Congress National Council of Urban Indian Health Budget Priorities

Authors: National Council of Urban Indian Health, Danielle Delaney
Publication Year: 2009
Last Updated: 2015-12-23 11:04:51
Journal: NCUIH
Keywords: American Indians, Urban Indians, Urban, IHS, Circle of Care, UIHP, NCUIH, 111th Congress, Background, Priorities, cultural barriers, Indian Health Services, Urban Indian Health Programs, National Council of Urban Indian Health

Short Abstract:

According the 2000 United States Census, over 60% of American Indians and Alaska Natives currently live in urban centers. However, the division between an urban Indian and a non-urban Indians is a fundamentally false dichotomy. 


111th Session Congressional Priorities
Background and History
Urban Indian Health Disparities
Unmet Needs of the Urban Indian Population
Leveraging Funding to Serve More Patients
Top Priorities for Urban Indian Health Programs

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