Toward a New Era for the Indian Health System

Authors: Jessica Leston, M.P.H., and Brigg Reilley, M.P.H

Publication Year: 2021

Last Updated: September 30th, 2021


Keywords: Covid-19, Data Collection, Health Care Access, Infrastructure, Health Disparities, Health Care Reform

Abstract: The Indian Health Service (IHS), is the federal agency that has the responsibility of providing health care to tribal nations throughout the United States. The IHS is composed of federal, tribal, and urban Indian Health facilities, which together are known as the Indian Health System. This system serves 2.6 million American Indian and Alaska Native people in more than 30 states. Unfortunately, The Indian Health Service is no stranger to having to struggle. From facility system problems and budgeting issues, to abuse and scandals within the care system, this has lead to the AI/AN community to struggle to receive quality care. However, with a new administration and advancements made by IHS leaders, it seems like there may be a hopeful future for IHS.