Racialization as a Barrier to Achieving Health Equity for Native Americans

Authors: Vikas Gampa, MD, Kenneth Bernard, MD, MBA, and Michael J. Oldani, PhD, MS

Publication Year: 2020

Last Updated: October 2020

Journal: AMA Journal of Ethics

Keywords: Race


Short Abstract: The concept of race has long been known to be complex. Especially within the American Indian/Alaskan Native populations. The concept of race itself has very European roots, and has had long lasting negative effects on the AI/AN population. Using this metric in medicine has proved to be rather controversial especially in terms of the AI/AN community, which is why this particular article highlights the concerns around using this method.


Source: Link to Original Article.

Source: https://journalofethics.ama-assn.org/article/racialization-barrier-achieving-health-equity-native-americans/2020-10