New Media, Technology and Internet Use in Indian Country: Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses

Publication Year: 2009
Last Updated: 2015-09-16 15:09:27
Journal: Native Public Media
Keywords: American Indians, technology, Internet, lack of access, Native America, digital communication

Short Abstract:

As digital communications and the Internet become increasingly pervasive, Native Americans continue to lack access to this digital revolution. Native Americans are among the last citizens to gain access to the Internet, with access to broadband often unavailable or overly expensive in Native communities. Beyond that challenge, there is a fundamental lack of qualitative or quantitative empirical research on Native American Internet use, adoption, and access, stifling the Native voice in broadband and media policy. As the Federal Communications Commission develops a data�focused and comprehensive National Broadband Plan, the Native voice, and supportive research, is more important than ever



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