NCUIH News June 2009 (The Obama Administration and the Urban Indians Communities: An Opportunity to Seize)

Authors: Bartgis, J, Bermudez-Del-Villar, A, Fine, Gregory, Locario, Sepreiono, Delaney, Danielle
Publication Year: 2009
Last Updated: 2015-11-23 12:20:32
Keywords: NCUIH News, President Obama, Barack Obama, IHCIA, Indian Health, Urban Indian,Health Information Technology,HIT, Technology, transition, 2009, Urban Indian Health, Wellness, CHIP, Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization, ARRA, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Seprieono Locario, Inauguration, President Obama, Needs Assessment

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Table of Contents:

Opportunities Under Obama Administration

e-Urban Indians?

US Census

Inauguration Experience by an Urban Indian

Needs Assessment

Baltimore Clinic


 After eight years of the Bush Administration, it might be difficult for an Urban Indian health program or clinic to conceptualize an Executive Branch that is active, engaged, and deeply concerned with the state of Urban Indian health and wellness. The Obama Administration, however, appears to be just that. Not only has the Administration actively sought the perspective of Urban Indians through the National Council of Urban Indian Health during the transition period, but it has also included substantive Indian specific provisions in the Childrens Health Insurance Program Reauthorization and in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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