(NCUIH) Hill Heartbeat Vol. 2 10-22-09

Authors: National Council of Urban Indian Health, Danielle Delaney
Publication Year: 2009
Last Updated: 2015-12-17 13:30:40
Keywords: 110th Congress, House, Senate, SDPI, Diabetes, Community Health Centers Act, IHCIA, NCUIH, zero-ing out, medicaid, samhsa, Special Diabetes Program for Indians, Indian Health Care Improvement Act, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Agency, Hill Heartbeat, Hill Heart Beat, Policy, Danielle Delaney

Short Abstract:

End of Session Review (2008) What passed, what didn’t, and what must be revisited in the 111th Congress.


We are moving toward the end of a frustrating and ultimately disappointing second session of the 110th Congress.  Although Congress did come back for a lame duck session ending on November 25th, neither House nor Senate passed any substantive legislation besides extending unemployment benefits. Congress may come back during December, but that appears unlikely. This means a number of Indian Countrys top legislative priorities remain unfinished, including the reauthorization of Indian Health Care Improvement Act.  However, the second session of the 110th Congress is not without its bright spots. Congress reauthorized the Special Diabetes Program for Indians and reauthorized the Community Health Centers Act.  However, those bright spots were few and far between due to a number of issues.

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