NCUIH 2003 Letter to NIHB re: OKC and Tulsa Title V status

Authors: National Council of Urban Indian Health
Publication Year: 2003
Last Updated: 2015-11-23 12:47:04
Journal: NCUIH
Keywords: National Steering Committee, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, S.212, National Council of Urban Indian Health, NCUIH, 2003, Legislation, Tulsa Indian Clinic, Oklahoma City Indian Clinic, OKCIC, TIC

Short Abstract:

Letter from Kay Culbertson, President of NCUIH, to Julia Davis, President of NIHB, in regards to the "alternative language" directed to the National Steering Committee that changes programs status from "Oklahoma Demonstrative Projects" as mentioned in S.212 


Thank you for forwarding the proposed alternative language developed by the Oklahoma tribes regarding the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Clinics. NCUlli has reviewed the language closely. Unfortunately, we cannot support it.

In the last Congress, after a tremendous amount of work by the National Steering Committee, involving the input of many entities including NCUlli, Senator Campbell introduced S. 212, legislation that the National Steering Committee supported. Senator Campbell, and the sponsors who joined him on the day of the bill's introduction (Senator McCain and Senator Inouye), were heavily influenced by the National Steering Committee's recommendations and took them into account in drafting S. 212. As a part of that decision-making process, Senator Campbell incorporated language that directly addressed the status of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Clinics and would have made them both permanent urban Indian programs. NCUlli considers that language inS. 212, which came out of a lengthy process involving all parties, as authoritative on the status of the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Clinics.

The Oklahoma City and Tulsa Clinics provision is, of course, found in Title V of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act, which is the urban Indian title. Clearly Congress conceived of these clinics as urban Indian clinics and has always considered them to be urban Indian clinics. The related provisions inS. 212 are also found in Title V, demonstrating the Senate's understanding of

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