Medicaid’s Role in Health Care for American Indians and Alaska Natives

Authors: Medicaid and CHIP Payment and Access Commission

Publication Year: 2021

Last Updated: February 2021

Journal: MACPAC IssueBrief

Keywords: Health Care Access; Medicaid


Short Abstract: This brief provides an overview of the relationship between the federal government and AIAN people in the United States and provides a snapshot of the AIAN people in terms of demographics, economic and health disparities, and access to health coverage and care. It then describes the structure of the IHS, including eligibility criteria, delivery system, and financing sources. It goes on to detail the special Medicaid rules and protections that apply to AIAN beneficiaries and Indian health providers. Finally, it discusses some of the key policy issues affecting Medicaid’s relationship with the IHS and in serving the AIAN population.


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