Letter from Indigenous Families for Youth to president Bush regarding FY 07 budget, eliminating the UIHP

Authors: Pam Harjo, IFY Chair
Publication Year: 2006
Last Updated: 2016-01-22 15:24:01
Journal: NCUIH
Keywords: budget, appropriations, zero-ing out, zeroing out, uihp, uhio, Indigenous families for youth, fy 07, fy 2007, fiscal year 2007, funding

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Letter from Pam Harjo of the Indigenous Families for Youth (IFY) to President Bush regarding his FY 2007 budget which eliminates the funding for the Urban Indian Health Programs. 


Correspondence Supporting UIHP, Pam Harjo, IFY Chair - President G. W. Bush

Dear President Bush;

This is aletter of support  from the Indigenous Families for Youth (IFY)  for the continuation of Title V. Urban Indian Health Care Funds which have been slatted to drop to zero in your FY 2007 budget. IFY is a grass root NAtive American Community Organization in Wichita Kansas............


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