Family Driven Care: Are We There Yet?

Authors: Duchnowski, A., Kutash, K
Publication Year: 2007
Last Updated: 2016-02-22 13:59:53
Journal: NA
Keywords: family, family-driven, serious emotional, evidence-based practice, SED, school-based, schools

Short Abstract:

This report acquaints readers with the concept of family-driven care for children who have emotional and behavioral disturbances. From this context, the authors provide information about evidence-based practices that are effective interventions to help the children and their families. This information will help families, educators, and mental health service providers plan effective interventions for the children in their care.


A number of challenges related to the welfare and functioning of Americas families and their children are confronting the institutions charged with facilitating the achievement of an adequate quality of life for Americas families and opportunities for the successful transition into adulthood for the present generation of children. For example, in spite of wide-spread efforts to reform Americas schools, graduation rates and achievement levels of students continue to be disappointing. Despite the progress made in developing effective methods of preventing and treating emotional disturbances in children, the number of children in need of services continues to rise and the outcomes for these children continue to be the poorest compared to children with other disability conditions. While these conclusions are synthesized from national data, the situation in Florida can be described as even more challenging than for most other states. With its burgeoning population, the mobility of its families and children, the severe shortage of trained professionals in all social service agencies, including teachers, and the resulting stress on public resources, the quality of life in Florida could be considered to be at-risk.

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