A Self-assessment and Planning Guide: Developing a Comprehensive Financing Plan (RTC Study 3): Financing structures and strategies to support effective systems of care.

Authors: Armstrong, M.I., Pires, S.A., McCarthy, J., Stroul, B., Wood, G.M, Pizzigati, K.
Publication Year: 2006
Last Updated: 2016-01-04 11:41:41
Journal: University of South Florida
Keywords: financing, financing structures, system of care, children's mental health, policy, systems of care, disparity, disparities, service system, behavioral health

Short Abstract:

Discusses critical financing structures and strategies to support systems of care for children, adolescents and their families, and examines how financing mechanisms operate separately and collectively to achieve this goal.


The Self Assessment and planning guide is intended to serve as a road map to planners, policy makers, advocates, family representatives and others engaged in building a system of care for children and families. The Guide addresses seven important areas: identification of current spending and utilization patterns across agencies; realignment of funding streams and structures; financing of appropriate services and supports; financing to support family and youth partnerships; financing to improve cultural and linguistic competence and reduce disproportionality in care; financing to improve the workforce and provider network for behavioral health services for children and families; and financing for accountability.

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