A Community-Based Evaluation of a Culturally Grounded, American Indian After-School Prevention Program: The Value of Practitioner-Researcher Collaboration

Authors: Brooke de Heer, Jade Heffern, Julianna Cheney, Aaron Secakuku, Julie Baldwin

Publication Year: 2020

Last Updated: September 2020

Journal: American Indian and Alaskan Native Mental Health Research

Keywords: Childcare; Mental and Behavioral Health


Short Abstract: Programs serving American Indian (AI) youth are an important component of maintaining cultural identity and healthy lifestyles. The current research took a community-engaged approach to evaluate an urban AI youth after-school program that has transitioned into a culturally grounded prevention program. Ways to create a successful research collaboration between AI communities and academics is discussed as well as implications for understanding the importance of culturally-grounded programs for AI youth who reside in urban areas. Overall, the cultural and health components that are integrated into the after-school program were highlighted as primary strengths because they help foster a healthy lifestyle and deeper connection to the heritage/culture for the youth who participated.


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Type of Resource: Peer-reviewed scientific article