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Document Category: Proposed Rule

86 FR 13683/ pp. 13683-13684

Relevant Dates:

Published 3/10/2021

Agency Actions: Proposed Rule; extension of comment period

HHS published modifications to a proposed rule and an extension of a comment period. This proposed rule details the specific standard for the privacy of individually identifiable health information under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Comments on this proposed rule should include topics centered around an individual’s engagement in their health care, barriers in their coordinated care, and the regulatory burdens these standards may impose on the healthcare industry.

Analysis/ Additional Details:

Unsure of substantial impact on urban Indian health; in discussions with NIHB partner. Comments close 5/6/2021. Federal Register :: Modifications to the HIPAA Privacy Rule to Support, and Remove Barriers to, Coordinated Care and Individual Engagement